Current Development

November 2023


  • Off to Helsinki in Finland for Slush 2023 and looking forward to meeting lots of people and of course investors to help Robin fly higher!


Publication, Part of Mental Health of Children and Young People Surveys

Mental Health of Children and Young People in England, 2023 – wave 4 follow up to the 2017 survey

October 2023

It’s all guns blazing this month as the season changes and new opportunities unfold and take shape on the Robin journey.  I am thrilled to share that we have been selected to participate in the exclusive Player First Game Accelerator Programme with GoTestify. This incredible opportunity will have a massive impact on our validation process, ensuring that ‘Magic Minds – The Robin Game’ is developed in the best possible way and thoroughly tested to meet the needs of our users. Working alongside GoTestify fills me with excitement as we embark on this collaborative journey. Their support will be invaluable in the development of The Robin Platform, starting with ‘Magic Minds – The Robin Game.’ I am confident that with their expertise and guidance, we will create an exceptional experience for our users.


  • I was also confirmed as a Women In Games Ambassador, but finally got the confirmation and am proud to be an Ambassador for Women In Games who I have supported for many many years. As one will know I aim to be a mainly women-led and neurodiverse gaming studio. I take real pride in supporting and promoting women in the creative industries.  The ‘Women In Games Conference’ is on next week, Tuesday 10th October 2023 and was asked to be on a panel with my fellow cohorts from the Games London Game Changer programme. To hear the session along with more details and tickets, click here.


September 2023

  • Giving a huge welcome to James Chalmers, who has joined our Advisory Board. Such a pleasure to have him and he will be helping with all things policy and ensuring we are all above board when it comes to Data protection and information security. James is a senior management professional with over 20 years in leading cyber security and privacy projects across multiple markets, both nationally and internationally. An experienced organisational consultant who connects business and technical leadership, specialising in information assurance, cyber resilience, governance, risk management and compliance.

    If you want to know more about James click here and feel free to visit his website


September 2023

  • Games London Game Changer programme begins with some great talks and networking with the cohort on the programme. Thank you again to #GamesLondon and all behind the programmes with #GamesLondon #GameChanger. More information here.

Check out the Cohort 2023 here.

  • Also with the programme I will be attending Slush this November/December, so if you are there please let me know as it would be great to meet, especially those interested in investing in children’s well-being and mental health and future generations to come. #startups #gamestartups


August 2023

  • Well after Develop, clever old me went and broke my foot in 3 places!!! So I was limited and therefore took a little rest over the summer with the family. Things were still bubbling through the worst summer of sun though and sunshine was brought into my world by finding out I was selected to be on the first Games Changer programme with Games London. It was such good news and am looking forward to starting the programme in September and meeting the rest of the cohort. Thank you to #GamesLondon and all behind the programmes with #GamesLondon #GameChanger. More information here.


July 2023

  • Develop Conference 2023 is finally here and packing my bags to head down for meetings, events and networking by the sea.


  • Having reached the last round and feeling like I finally might receive some help with funding, I sadly found out that I hadn’t been awarded it. Was devastated, especially as this is such a unique and worthwhile game for good. I was really ready to start to build this vertical slice to go to market. It is especially hard for me as I’m not a developer and don’t know how to build the backend of the games so in a catch-22 situation. Now looking to start a Kickstarter campaign to try and help at least get this first section built and then finally show the funders why it deserves the investment. If being honest I really felt like giving up. I’ve invested my own personal funds of over £15k and of course many hours unpaid to get this to market. So please look out for the Kickstarter campaign and if you are an investor please come and help get this great idea off the ground. Robin needs to fly!

June 2023

  • Have got to the last round with UK Games Fund and hoping we get this to do the vertical slice for Magic Minds – The Robin Game, so we can launch it on the APP store and Google store to start getting it out there and for kids to play for free.


  • Joining the team and working with these ladies is bringing me joy. Finally have the Robin design we want, so thank you Stefania for your designs and work on this over the last few months. Next, it’s working with Vicky from Lilith’s Child Games Studio to develop the game. Here’s a little about them: 

Stefania Avr. is a passionate artist with 5 years of experience in the game industry. Loves game projects focused on enhancing mental health and finds it a great excitement in collaborating with diverse teams!


Vicky Symeonidou, Games Developer at Lilith’s Child Games studio.



May 2023

  • Work begins on the second prototype and leads us into the Magic Minds games of Robin. These will go straight to mobile and be accessed via the google play store and the app store. It will be free for kids to play.
  • Another great event at Barclays Games Frenzy 2023. I did a post here which gives you insight into the day…


April 2023

  • As The Barclays/Ukie Mobile Growth Programme came to an end a great event was held at Barclays Bank HQ in Canary Wharf where we were able to pitch and discuss our games to a selection of people and panellists. Here is a link to more information on it: Barclays/Ukie Mobile Growth programme

  • Robin gets a fresh look…

  • Company name changes and welcome to the new home for The Robin Game – SideKick Games Ltd.

March 2023

  • Oh, the funding challenges! Say no more! I need a full-time person just for these applications!
  • Sourcing Concept Designers and Developers for 2nd version Prototype.

February 2023

  • Learning so much from the UKIE/Barclays programme and putting it all into practice. Thank you Dan Wood, Nick Button Brown and Helen Johnson for all your help and support and for putting this together.

January 2023

  • Enjoying time at BAFTA for a cuppa and talking all things Robin with Sara, an Art Concept Designer to discuss designs for the 2nd version of the prototype.






October 2022

We at Robin support ‘Safe in Our World’. Their mission is:

The main goal of Safe In Our World is to create and foster worldwide mental health awareness within the video game industry; to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health, to make it a natural topic of discussion, and to promote the dialogue surrounding mental health so people are not afraid to reach out for help if they need it.

  • We have two independant schoolsd who are excited to be part of the first trial with the current prototype within Yr 3 and Yr 6.


September 2022

Rebecca is a Corporate Partner at international law firm Charles Russell Speechlys.

She specialises in advising on acquisitions, company sales, management buy-outs (“MBOs”), management buy-ins, private equity, mergers, seed capital and growth capital investments, joint ventures, reorganisations and restructuring. Rebecca has also acted on a significant number of company sales and acquisitions, as well as acting for private equity houses, management teams on MBOs and high net worth individuals on their investments into private companies.  She works predominantly with clients in the technology, software, digital media and video gaming sector.  Rebecca has acted on notable transactions including the sale of Edgecase Games to World of Tanks developer, Wargaming, advising on Quadrant on the esports joint venture with F1 racing driver, Lando Norris and advising Veloce Esports on its series A and B fundraising rounds.

Rebecca is a non-executive director for Guildford.Games (the gaming community hub set up to galvanise the games industry in Guildford), was ranked in The Lawyer’s prestigious Hot 100 List and is also ranked in the Legal 500 and Chambers and Partners directories as “Next Generation Partner”.  She is also appointed to The Law Society’s Ethnic Solicitors Network committee.


August 2022

Recorded podcast with Safe In our World

Applying for funding and grants, so if you know of anyone who wants to invest and support this great game please contact

June 2022

More members added to the Advisory Board and school to start trialling in September 2022 – see here

Alex BoucherDirector – Analog Ltd | Sales & Biz Dev

Peter MoodyProfessional Development Expert at Corndel Ex Deputy Head Teacher

May/June 2022

Meetings with two independent schools to trial the prototype of ROBIN. A number of industry professionals are part of the new advisory board of ROBIN. These include:

Posy BrewerMYU Creations Ltd – Founder & Owner / Robin game designer / Professional VoiceOver Actor & Artist

Stuart MuckleyCEO (Managing Director) – Code Wizards Ltd

Lynette KewleyDirector of Commercial & Propositions ( Executive Leadership Team member at ITV)

Marion FinniganSenior Business Development Manager at Amazon Web Services (AWS) Game Tech

Others to follow and to be confirmed. Watch this space!

March 2022

First prototype has been built with Studio316. Taken a different look and feel for the first stages, but excited to start showing this to children, schools and investors along with funding applications to help succeed in getting any available grants and funding. If you are an investor or aware of some funding opportunities that we may not be aware of then please do get in touch via email.

Jan 2022

New design of Robin created. Prototype being built with Studio316 and should be ready beginning of February. This will allow us to then start trials within some agreed schools and with independent young people. If interested in being a tester please get in touch for more information. The prototype will also help showcase to interested investors and funding opportunities. Let’s invest in the next generation and help their mental well being by giving them tools to help make them more resilient and productive now and into adulthood.

Dec 21

Teamed up with Studio316 to design prototype.

Nov 21

Working with studios to start prototype.

April 2021

Working with getting a team together to bring ROBIN alive and doing the storyboards and a prototype ready to reach out to get help with funding and investment. Particularly looking for women in games to join and collaborate in this project. If you wish to help in either of these then please do feel free to get in touch to find out more.

Based in Guildford, one of the major gaming hubs, the team behind Robin are creating this new game and app which aims to help one’s emotional wellbeing. We aim to create it as a VR game, but also be available on other gaming platforms as well as an app for tablets and phones, to help as many people as possible in a fun, creative way.

We are currently seeking financial support and funding, so please get in contact with us if you are wishing to find out more and possibly invest in this wonderful project.


We all know that mental health and emotional well-being is so important now to everyone. For too long it has been pushed under the carpet and with the world that we live in now with social media, computers, phones, tablets etc, which isn’t going anywhere, we need to work with all these ways of working and playing to balance and help our mental and emotional health. The next generation needs our support to find ways to adapt to this way of living. Self-awareness is important, and it needs to become part of everyday life to prevent people’s mental health from spiralling out of control.

The immersiveness of VR is a rapidly growing market and engaging people in their emotions.

Immersive technologies, such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR) and haptics, integrate visual content with the physical environment, thus ‘immersing’ the user of associated devices, such as head-mounted display (HMD) units, in a simulated setting. Operators in the Immersive Technology industry design and develop immersive visualisation software programs, systems and networks.

VI Virtual reality will be the fastest growing area with revenue set to grow 76% year on year. It is predicted that the UK will be the most prominent video games market in Europe.

The Augmented Reality MA market forecast is expected to hit $70-$75 billion in revenue by 2023. 88% of mid-sized companies are already using AR in some capacity. Consumer spending on video games to set to overtake all spending on books by 2021.